Durable, Versatile, Beautiful. Libre glass infusers are your #glasstogo

We know you love glass and with Libre you can take it anywhere your active, busy life leads you, for peaceful moments anytime, anywhere.

Our unique design offers pristine, high-temp glass inside with a durable Tritan® poly outer shell that protects and contains, and adds a thermal layer. #toughglass that can handle a little tossing and turning, bumps and dumps. It's even been known to fall off a moving car and survive! 

We are so pleased to offer this strong glass alternative for your favourite beverages - teas, fruit waters, herbal concoctions, essential oil remedies, even protein shakes and martinis!  No plastic to absorb flavours, no steel taste... just clean, fresh taste every time with a quick warm rinse.

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Libre fits your lifestyle

libre fits your life - whether you want a tea on the go or a fruit infused water or even a protein shake - the Libre durable glass infuser is so versatile - with a fresh taste every time and strong enough for every day.